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Conquer the World
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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Go and Build an Ark

I came across a quote the other day that turned out to be a little bit more of a learning experience than I had expected.
"Remember, professionals built the Titanic, and amateurs built the ark." Authur Unkown (let me know if you find out)
Now you and I both know the results of these two massive ships that were built in years past. But why were the results so different? The professionals mentioned above who built the Titanic were the best of the best--a crew of highly experienced ship builders who began the project of creating the largest passenger steamship in the world. Noah was commanded to build a ship with his sons to save his family and many animals from the flood, who knows how much experience he had at accomplishing such a task, if any at all. The Titanic sank just four days into it's very first journey. The Ark stayed afloat for nearly a year, saving all who were aboard.

Now how the heck did that happen?

Noah, of course, had a bit of an advantage. Though he was not an elite engineer of modern times. He was a God fearing man who trusted in His God to help him accomplish the great task he had been commanded to do (Genesis 6:22). Noah knew that when God says He is going to do something, it will happen. So he acted accordingly. Now what did I learn from this?

Often in my life I try to build Titanics. I try to create something so big, great, wonderful, and world pleasing, just to have it 'sink' on me four days later. Does that ever happen to you? I am always puzzled as to why that happens after the hard work I put into it, just to have it not happen. Whether it be a State Championship, or a doodle, stuff happens. How this quote helped me is knowing that when it is God's will, it happens. No matter what it is, or who I am, it works out.

We don't have a knowledge of what Noah's ark really looked like, just that God told him to, it was air tight, and it held a ton of stuff. Maybe the people at the time scoffed and scorned because it wasn't made of the most elegant wood, or didn't have a cool name painted on the side. Noah could have done anything to that boat, and someone still would have had something negative to say. Just like with anything you or I do, it will never meet everyone in the world's expectation. Bummer. There will always be the 'coffee shop crew' who will critique your last game, or the stiff professor who doesn't believe in a 100% paper. Our job is to be satisfied with our best, and then move on.

Knowing that my best is good enough to God is more important than trying to make my best good enough for so-and-so. Don't try to be a professional, just be a Noah-an obedient follower of God. As you do so, your efforts are made beneficial to you, others, and to God. Go to  God often and ask Him if your goals are things He would want you to do, then if they are He will show you how to do it. Once you know that God is on your side, there should be nothing stopping you from you going out and building that ark!

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